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When precision and excellence matter, turn to KCS Advanced Machining Services. We’re a full-service machine and engineering service company and your go-to authority for CNC machining in the Metro Detroit region and California. Working closely with our customers to fulfill their project specifications, we’ve become well-known for precision 5-axis prototyping, machining and manufacturing in the aerospace/defense, automotive, and general manufacturing sectors. Whatever your machining, turning, cutting, or milling project needs, we’ve got you covered!

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Precision Machining, down to the Smallest Detail

5-Axis Machining for Precision Results

Our team’s proficiency in multi-axis machining is the result of years of experience and a mastery of advanced software programming. This deep understanding allows for a seamless workflow free from complications and yields excellent results. You can count on our machining expertise to deliver the exceptional products you want.

End-to-End Machining Service

Don’t hassle with the inefficiencies of having multiple vendors involved with your project. KCS Advanced Machining offers comprehensive machining for every facet of your project, from initial design to precision manufacturing and meticulous quality inspection. With us as your end-to-end partner, you can be confident your projects will be executed flawlessly, on time and on budget.

Expert prototyping, machining and manufacturing in California & the Detroit Metro area.

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